Virus & Spyware Removal and Prevention

Computer Viruses and malicious software programs known as Spyware are the most common problem and the biggest threat facing all Computer Users today. There are literally millions of known computer viruses and spyware programs that everyone must contend with just to use the Internet or e-mail. They infect computers on the Internet from tens of thousands of websites, pop up ads and can also spread through e-mail and social media. Once your computer is infected, they can do everything from slow down your PC to hijacking your browser and re-directing you on the Internet or cause pop up ads. They can even steal your saved passwords and financial information that can lead to credit fraud and identity theft.

At ComputerTechUSA we provide professional Virus and Spyware removal and prevention services. We completely erase and remove any possible infection and then install up to date Antivirus and other security software. After removing all infections and securing your computer, our technicians will show you how to protect yourself from virus’s and spyware and the most common Internet scams.

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